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Stand-Alone Long Term Care Insurance

This is the type of coverage that most people think of when they think of long term care insurance. It is much like your auto insurance, homeowners insurance, health insurance, and pretty much every other type of insurance. You purchase the insurance “just in case”. There are numerous ways to customize a plan from something that would pay for a portion of your care for a short period to something that would likely pay for all or most of your care costs for an extended period of time…


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Products Linking Life w/ LTC

Linked/Hybrid policies are policies that “link” LTC to a life insurance or annuity policy. Often it is possible to roll over the cash surrender value of an existing policy into one of these policies and obtain the additional benefit of being able to use the policy for long term care costs if needed.

While there are several varieties of these policies, the typical policy provides a multiple of the death benefit if long term care services are needed…Read More >>




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Those who are already in need of care will not be eligible for any of the options already listed. However, a program called “Life Care Planning” allows those who are receiving care who have life insurance plans in place to convert those life insurance plans into cash flow to pay for care services. While not right for everyone, this provides an option to use an available resource to pay for private care services and also qualifies as an appropriate Medicaid spend-down.

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Client and all around rocker friend (and not the kind on the porch) Tom Donnelly

Client and all around rocker (and not the kind on the porch) Tom Donnelly

Short Term Care Coverage

Sometimes a long term care policy isn’t a good fit—either because of health conditions or for financial reasons. A Short Term Care policy may be a good option in those circumstances. The health requirements to get a policy are not as stringent. The policies provide more services more limited in scope and duration and thus are more affordable than a long term care policy…Read More >>




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For several years before my 60th birthday my financial adviser encouraged me to speak with Betty Doll regarding my long term care insurance. One would think with my health care provider experience of 40 years I would have not needed the reminder. Read More
Suzanne Crater
31 year old guy, perspectives
I came to Betty after two unsuccessful attempts at obtaining a LTC policy. Betty knew right away what to do and explained a particular type of policy I was unaware of. She described the type, explained its components, and outlined the variety of options regarding the amount of coverage in clear and concise language. Needless to say, her expertise was key for me in realizing I did have a chance at obtaining a policy and today I am covered. Equally important to Betty’s knowledge, however, is Do…
Gennell Lockwood
beth fountain dr navigate testimonial
Betty, I want to thank you for helping me navigate the Long Term Care Policy options. I found you quite knowledgeable on all aspects of the options. What I found most refreshing was that you explored my needs and gently led me to what,I feel, is the best solution for me based on my life situations. Read More
Dr. Beth Fountain
Betty Doll and Dawn of Doll & Associates long-term care insurance services were invaluable in helping my husband and I select long-term care insurance and life insurance. As a couple in our mid-30s looking to start a family and make smart choices about ensuring our future, Betty was able to help us find a policy that made sense for us and was affordable. She was great at explaining the ins and the outs of the policy we chose and helping us understand why these policies might be right for us, a…
Susanna Smith
patricia hilgendorf, worked, testimonials years
I worked with Betty about nine years ago to find the right long term care insurance for my situation. She is very knowledgeable and made the process very easy. It gives me peace of mind to know I’ll have some choices when I need care. Read More
Patricia Hilgendorf
dave castel purchased review testimonial
Ten years ago we purchased a Long Term Care Policy. We wanted a review that would assure us that the policy was still relevant. Betty did a detailed analysis and her insightful perspective was invaluable for our future financial planning. – Dave Castel
Dave Castel
molly walling important testimonials
When I reached the age of 65, it became important to me that I take a long, hard look at my future financial needs. My accountant urged me to make an appointment with Betty Doll to discuss long term care insurance. Working with Betty put my mind at ease in so many ways. Read More
Molly Walling
Before meeting Betty Doll, we had talked to 2 or 3 agents in other states, about long term care insurance. In each case, we decided against going forward. When we met Betty, she recommended a policy type that met our particular needs. Read More
Gordon & Barbara Young