Is your auto insurance a waste of money?woman-throwing-money-away

Is your home-owners policy a waste of money?

Is your health insurance a waste of money?

Your answer to each of these questions may vary on any given day.

If you’ve never had a claim on your auto insurance you may very well think it’s a waste of money.  But you wouldn’t even consider not having it—even if the law didn’t require it.

If you’ve just written the check for the annual premium for your home-owners policy and haven’t had a claim in many years, you also may be thinking that’s a waste of money.  But you wouldn’t even consider NOT having it.

If you’ve just made the premium payment for your portion of your health insurance, you may be complaining about the rising cost of that coverage.

But if you just rear-ended someone and had significant damage to your car and theirs, you are pretty darn thankful that you have an auto insurance policy to pay for the necessary repairs.

If you just had to have the roof of your home replaced due to a hailstorm, you’re really glad your home-owners policy is covering that.

And, if you just ended up having to have rotator cuff repair surgery, you’re awfully thankful that your health insurance policy is going to cover that surgery.

Everyone knows about these types of insurance.  They are commonplace.  Some are required by law.  But even if they weren’t required, most would not even consider going without.  Consciously or subconsciously we’re thinking “What if something happened?”


I think many people consider any insurance to be the biggest waste of money ever.  UNTIL……….and you know the answer…….the day you need it.  Suddenly it becomes the best thing ever.

You get insurance “just in case”.  Just in case the car accident does happen.  Just in case there is a house fire.  Just in case you do have a medical issue.

And that’s why people get long term care insurance too.  Just in case.  Just in case you have an extended illness or disability.  Just in case you are not able to take care of yourself and need some help.  Just in case you want to avoid being dependent upon family members to provide care.

No one knows what may happen.  I truly hope that you never have a car accident, that you never have damage to your home, or that you never require medical care.

I also hope that you never need long term care services.

BUT, I hope that if any of these things do happen to you, that you are prepared — That you’ve made plans — That you’ve made provisions.

Long term care insurance is becoming more “mainstream”; however, there is still a great deal of misunderstanding about what regular health insurance or Medicare will cover if long term care is needed.  If you need clarification on this, please contact me at  It’s vitally important that you understand what is covered and what is not.

And, just like you cannot get flood insurance once the water is rising, it’s also too late to get long term care insurance when you already require help taking care of yourself.

Call us to have the discussion to see if long term care insurance is right for you.

Just in case.