Introduction Letter

betty professional, doll and associates, introductionThank you for the opportunity to introduce our services to you. We commend you for taking the step to gather information and to make an informed decision regarding long term care planning. Our pledge is “to make the discussion of long term care planning easy, enlightening, and enjoyable.”

We use a unique five step process for our discussion. You will find that process outlined on a separate sheet in this packet. Our initial discussion is usually about 90 minutes. The conversation is confidential and there is no charge to you.

During our meeting, you can expect to be asked questions about what your experience has been with others who have needed care, questions about your financial status, and questions about how/where you would want to receive care and to what extent you would want your family involved if you were to need care.

This introductory kit has been designed to let you gain an overview of our services and our experience but more importantly to encourage you to begin to think about some of the topics that we will be discussing. Included is a health questionnaire that outlines much of the information that will be needed if we determine that applying for long term care insurance is right for you. You may want to complete this before our meeting. It will also be helpful if you can provide an overview of your financial status and how your assets are invested. That helps in the discussion of financial resources that may be available if care is needed.

On behalf of the team at Doll & Associates Long Term Care Insurance Services, thank you for your inquiry. We look forward to meeting with you and working with you on this important aspect of protecting your family and your finances.

Betty Doll, MBA, CLTC