Why Other Professionals Refer to Us


Betty receiving her Paul Harris Fellow Award from Rotary



We work primarily by referral from others—financial advisors, attorneys, tax advisors, and existing clients. We value these relationships and the trust in the work that we do and the services we offer.


1. We promise to welcome your client to our office and make him/her feel comfortable.

2. We will thoroughly explore your client’s circumstances as they relate to suitability for long term care insurance including medical underwriting issues.

3. We promise that your clients will be fully informed about planning for long term care and what their options are. They will be confident that they have all the information they need for an informed choice.

4. Because we are an independent brokerage, we will tailor a plan to meet your clients’ specific needs and choose the best carrier to meet those needs.

5. Active involvement in professional organizations along with frequent speaking and training opportunities require us to keep up to date on changes in the industry and new products that may meet the needs of your client.

6. If long term care insurance is not appropriate for medical reasons, we can recommend alternate vehicles that will still help to protect assets if care is needed. We will seek your input on those recommendations.

7. We will work closely with you in making these recommendations and keep you informed at each step.

8. We promise that your clients will appreciate that you referred them to our office.

9. We promise that your clients will be even more confident in your ability to guide them financially as a result of your referral.


Al and Betty, Financial, Long Term Planning, Colleague and Friend.

Betty with Al Davis CFP, a Professional Friend and Colleague