How We Work With You


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This is the service you can expect from us (that’s Betty on the right)…

From our first contact with you, we seek to make you feel comfortable with us. We want to earn your trust and we want to meet your needs.

We want you to feel confident about working with us and introducing your family, friends, and colleagues to us in the future. That’s why we think it makes a whole lot of sense to spell out exactly how we work. That way you will know exactly what to expect– and what not to expect– from us.



Here’s our approach:

1. We never assume that you want to purchase long term care insurance. We assume that you want to explore options and gather the information that allows you to make an informed decision.

2. During the initial call, we will gather some preliminary health information. That information allows us to do some research on available options prior to meeting with you and allows us to use our time together more efficiently.

3. We will send out a packet of introductory information for you to review before meeting with us. The packet contains information about our practice, about our LTC Unique Planning Process™, some client testimonials, and several introductory articles about how long term care insurance works. We also include information on tax deductibility.

4. All conversations, whether on the phone or in person are 100% confidential whether or not we eventually end up working together. With your written consent, we will share our
recommendations with the other advisors working with you.

5. The initial meeting is scheduled at our office or by computer in a comfortable environment and usually last 1 to 1 ½ hours.

6. We start with a review of your concerns related to long term care. We discuss your preferences if care is needed and the resources (personal and financial) that you have available to assist with care. We will also provide education related to how health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid comes into play if care is needed.

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Clients Bob and Debbie Bryenton at South Beach

7. We believe that everyone’s needs are different. Long term care insurance is not right for everyone. When it is right, not everyone needs the same amount of coverage for the same amount of time. We personalize our recommendations based on your needs, goals, finances, and individual situation. Because we represent many of the leading insurance companies, we can also help select the company best suited for you—many factors go into making that decision.

8. Following the initial meeting, we will call to follow-up on any unanswered questions.

9. As advisors, we do not believe that any decision should be made in a high pressure environment. We will never pressure anyone into any particular course of action. We review, analyze, make our recommendations and give you the information needed to make a decision.

10. Should you decide to become a client, you will hear from us on a regular basis. We believe that it is our responsibility to stay in touch with our clients and to be a continuing resource for information and assistance.