Nathan Garnett

A Note from Nathan Garnett …


Nathan Garnett of Doll & Associates will be the official Endorsed Local Provider for Long-Term Care Insurance of the Dave Ramsey Show. He will be the sole provider for the entire Western North Carolina region! Click here for more information!
I’m so happy and proud to be a part of Doll and Associates. My wife, Jennifer, and I were lucky enough to move to Asheville nearly three years ago and, as so many others that we’ve met, absolutely love living here. Work was the reason that brought us here; up until now, I’ve worked as a financial advisor, and Jennifer continues to work as an elementary music teacher for Buncombe County Schools. We also just bought a home about a month ago down in Mills River, so we certainly have lots to be thankful for!
During my career as a financial advisor, I began to focus more and more on the aspect of long-term care planning. From a personal side, I’ve seen the negative impacts of not having a plan and the devastation and emotional turmoil it can cause a family. From a practical side, I’ve seen family wealth wiped out that could have been avoided just by having spent a modest amount of time walking through these important conversation topics with someone. Though the investment side is certainly important, all-in-all, I felt that I could have a much larger impact on families and their peace of mind by making this area of planning my specialty, ultimately leading me to join Doll and Associates.

Nathan and Jennifer

    Jennifer and I are fortunate that we enjoy our careers, yet we do value our free time. This time of year, we are especially fond of the University of Tennessee football team, our Alma Mater, and enjoy watching them play on Saturday afternoons. We also enjoy being tourists in our own town, visiting breweries, going to shows, being in nature, exploring the surrounding mountain towns, and creating new friendships.
I look forward to partnering with Betty, expanding our reach in the community together, and continuing to provide quality education to people about long-term care planning!