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Betty Doll is a well respected and sought after national speaker. She promises to make the discussion of long term care planning easy, enlightening, and enjoyable whether speaking at a national conference or talking one on one with a referral.

About Us


About Us

Get to know us a little. Our extensive knowledge and experience in this field allows us to know the strengths and weaknesses of each plan and to tailor plans to the specific needs and budgets of those with whom we work.

BETTY, owner, Insurance, Doll, Doll & Associates

Betty Doll

Betty Doll, Owner and Principal, Doll & Associates Long Term Care Insurance Services.

Are you trying to figure out what long term care insurance is all about either for yourself or for those you serve? Are you confused by the many options available–the “stand alone plans” vs. the “linked plans” and lots of other terms and options that seem to be a foreign language?

I am Betty Doll. Through several coaching programs, I have come to define my two “unique abilities”. One is to explain complex concepts in an easily understood way. Read More >> 

31 year old guy, perspectives
I came to Betty after two unsuccessful attempts at obtaining a LTC policy. Betty knew right away what to do and explained a particular type of policy I was unaware of. She described the type, explained its components, and outlined the variety of options regarding the amount of coverage in clear and concise language. Needless to say, her expertise was key for me in realizing I did have a chance at obtaining a policy and today I am covered. Equally important to Betty’s knowledge, however, is Doll and Associates’ professionalism. Betty’s patience, support, and availability to answer questions during my long period of indecision regarding how much coverage to choose was stellar. In addition, once the application was submitted, Betty’s assistant, Dawn, kept me constantly informed on its status and was extremely responsive in providing any assistance. Long-term health care is confusing.  Betty makes it understandable.  Long-term health policies can have a perplexing variety of options in terms of payment and coverage.  Betty assists in the purchase decision with finesse. – Gennell Lockwood  
Gennell Lockwood
Member of Rotary Club of Asheville
CLTC, Certification for Long Term Care
American Assoc Long Term Care Insurance AALTCi